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Armchair Adventures:
Cave Chronicles

Ancient Caves- Exploring Devils Hole

Follow paleoclimatologist Dr. Gina Moseley as she travels into the depths of the earth in order to unlock the secrets of the Earth's climate. In this video, Dr. Moseley and an IMAX film crew delve deep into one of the most remote and protected caves in the world, the Devil's Hole in Nevada, in search of stalagmite samples. What exactly does it take to get a camera crew down into a remote cave? Will they be able to get all their gear in without scratching a camera lens? And how many takes will they need to get the perfect shot?

From MacGillivray Freeman YouTube channel, appropriate for all ages. 


While caves are dangerous places to explore, there are many that have been transformed into safe areas to visit. In this video, discover fifteen of the worlds most beautiful caves that are not only feasts for the eyes, but are accessible to almost everyone.

From Top Fives YouTube channel, appropriate for all ages. 

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