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Machu Pichu

Armchair Adventures:
Time-Traveling Tales

History of the Entire World... According to Bread

Bread has played a role in shaping the world around us from the beginning of civilization, literally! Without bread early humans would not have put down roots and built cities instead of remaining hunters and gatherers. But what about later in history, such as the industrial revolution? And is bread still powerful today? Join MatPat and The Food Theory crew as they uncover exactly how this seemingly innocent food has had such an effect on the world. 

From The Food Theorists YouTube channel, appropriate for all ages.

Dark Routes Ep. 3: The Carvings of El Morro

Out in the desert of New Mexico is a pool of water that has had a huge impact in history. The only water source for hundreds of miles, El Morro has prevented people from dying from thirst in the American Southwest for thousands of years. And as long as people have traveled to El Morrow they have left carvings behind. Join Milo Rossi as he examines the carvings of El Morro, both the earliest to the latest, and learns more about the people who left these marks behind.

From the Miniminuteman YouTube channel. While this video is appropriate for all ages, the Miniminuteman channel is 13+ for language and themes.

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