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3023 Celestial Construction Contest

How will you help humanity reach the stars?

The year is 3023. Humans have colonized the solar system. We are now looking to expand our territory past our own planets and move into the vast reaches of space.

You are an astro-architect. That means you build space stuff! Your mission, should you accept, is to imagine, design, and create your own celestial construction! What will you make? Perhaps

❖ A space ship that carries us to a new solar system?

❖ A space station where interstellar travelers can fuel their ships?

❖ A home base for humans to live on an alien planet?

May 1 - 14: Register your friends and/or family group. Brainstorm! Your celestial construction can be made of any non-perishable items such as boxes, empty bottles, cardboard, tin foil, glue, tape, and wire.

May 15 - 20: Area 52 Construction Site. Astro-architects are invited to the library to use our stuff to make your creations as cool as possible! We’ll have cardboard boxes, hot glue guns, LED circuit stuff, and more!

May 22 - 27: Bring your construction to the Library. Models will be displayed on the top of bookshelves, so please make sure they will fit.

May 30 - June 5: Earthlings will vote on their favorite creations based on three categories:

• The Most Futuristic

• The Coolest

• Best overall

June 5: Winner Announced

June 9 – 10: Winner will be on display at the Mars New Years Festival

*Find our more about the Mars New Years Festival at

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