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Studying on a Computer

Technology Services

Computer Use

Playing on the Computer

30-minute computer use appointments are available! Call the library: 724-625-9048

Type your library card's number, without spaces, into the popup window of whatever library computer you'd like to use. This will give you one hour free of computer use.

If you don't have a card, or don't have it with you, see a staff member about using a guest pass. Please have your ID with you. This will give you one hour free of computer use.

You may request more time if no one else is waiting to use a computer.

Printing, Copying, and Scanning

Office Meeting

You can print from either a library computer or your own thumb drive when plugged into the printer.  If printing from a library computer which you accessed with your library card, you will have to pre-pay at the front desk. Otherwise, please come to the front desk after printing to pay. You can also copy in black and white or color. Black and White: $0.10/page Color: $0.50/pageOur patron printer can scan to a plugged in thumb drive or to an email.


Guy in an Office

Bring the page(s) you need faxed and the fax number to the front desk. A staff member will be happy to fax for you with our office fax machine. Cost is based on fax number area code


Toll Free: 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888: $0.25/page

Local: 724, 412, and 878: $0.25/page

Non-local PA: 814, 717, 570, 484, 610, 835, 215, 267: $0.50/page

All Others: $1.00/page

Dog Licenses

Dogs on a Bench

If you have an already filled out form, please bring it in. Otherwise, please fill out one of our forms, which we can provide for you.Bring your filled out form to the front desk, and we'll be happy to add/update your dog's license, give you a tag, chain link, and paper proof of license.Please be advised that we round up $0.50 from the cost stated on dog license forms. 

Technology Kits

Video Blogging

Browse and borrow audio visual equipment kits for your next video project, podcast, family photos, and more.

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