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Kids Reading Book in Park

Children's Events and Programs

Repeating Events

Childrens Repeating

Baby Bounce and Play

Thursdays at 10:30am  |  Suggested for 0-18 months

Songs, rhymes and stories for infants and their caregivers

Please register for each date you plan to attend

Story Tots

Songs, stories, activities for ages 18 months - 3 years.

Registration required for each date you plan to attend.

Story Time

Mondays at 10:30am  |  Suggested for ages 3-5

Join Miss Tara for stories, songs, music, and movement.

Please register for each date you plan to attend

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PAWS to Read w/ Wally

Every other Thursday from 3:30-4:40 pm.


Make a fifteen minute appointment to practice your reading skill with the cutest listener ever, a golden retriever named Wally! Up to two siblings per registration.

PAWS to read

One-Time Programs

Children's One-Time

Board Game Club: Ticket to Ride

August 21, 5-6:30pm | Ages 10+

Learn to play a new game every month! 

Ticket to Ride: Players are vying to become the most successful railroad tycoon in the nation by building train routes connecting major cities across North America. Do you quickly claim lots of short routes, or save your resources for longer, but more valuable ones? Plan carefully to come out on top. (Also makes for a good geography lesson!)

Click here for game instructions!

Painting on Canvas

Freestyle Canvas Painting

September 4 from 5-6:30pm | Ages 13+

Come and show us your creativity with a variety of painting materials made available from the library. No experience (or even artistic skill) necessary.


Board Game Club: Just One

September 18, 5-6:30pm | Ages 10+

Learn to play a new game every month!

Just One: A party game of written clues and crazy guesses. One player must guess at a specific word. To help them , the other players each write a single clue word on their dry erase cards. However, if there are any duplicate clues, they get erased, leaving the guesser with only whichever clues are still left.

Click here for game instructions!

Clear Slime

Slime STEM Lab

September 25, 5-6:30pm | Ages 13+

The ever-popular slime experiment is here. Try a new, puffy slime recipe to mix up the fun too. Adding glitter? Puffballs? Why not? Let's experiment!


Snap Circuits STEM Lab

October 2, 5-6:30 pm | Ages 13+

Snap circuits teach the basics of how electricity travels through a network of circuits. Follow along with a pre-written formula, or go complete freestyle. The choices are yours


Board Game Club: Forbidden Island

October 15, 5-6:30pm | Ages 10+

Learn to play a new game every month!

Forbidden Island: A team of treasure hunters has landed on a mysterious island is search of four treasures from an ancient civilization. The catch? The island is sinking! The team must divide their attention between seeking the treasures and keeping the island afloat. Work together to find the treasures, get back to base, and escape before the island sinks and takes you with it!

Click here for game instructions!


Halloween Horrorgami & Crafts

October 23, 5-6:30pm | Ages 10+

It's origami with a spooky twist. Make some paper folded Halloween themed characters as well as other take-home crafts just in time for Halloween.

Ver 2 Stop Motion File.jpg

Stop Motion Animation Lab

November 6, 5-6:30pm | Ages 13+

Art and technology combine to produce brief stop-motion videos. Plan your scenes out on paper first, then snap picture after picture to slowly but surely bring your creation to life.


Board Game Club: Dixit

November 20, 5-6:30pm | Ages 10+

Learn to play a new game every month!

One player, the Storyteller, attempts to associate a strange, fantastical image card with some form of verbal clue. Other players, hearing the clue, play their own card that they think also matches the Storyteller's clue. All card in play are then shuffled and revealed. Can you correctly identify the Storyteller's card? A deceptively simple game of abstract thinking.

Click here for game instructions!


Button-Making Workshop

November 27, 5-6:30 pm | Ages 10+

Express your own style with some easy-to-make buttons from our button-maker. Some papers will be provided, but fee free to bring your own to customize something truly unique.


Morse Code Bracelets

December 4, 5-6:30pm | Ages 13+

After learning how Morse Code works, we'll use string and craft beads to customize our own encoded bracelets or necklaces. What will yours say/ Only those who know the code will be able to read it.


Sock-Snowman Craft

December 18, 5-6:30pm | Ages 8+

Socks, scraps of fabric, buttons, and a few other oddments can be used to create adorable sock-snowmen that make excellent decorations just in time for Christmas. All materials will be provided by the library.

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