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A sign that says Mars: Named after the Star of Mars. Founded 1875.

In 1798, Isaac Covert built a log cabin in what is now Mars Borough. Gradually, he accumulated 400 acres. Other farmers purchased nearby property: Matthew Parks' farm stretched along the south side of Irvine Street. Thomas Kennedy worked on his farm to the east of Crowe Avenue. The James Davidson farm nestled south of the Covert's farm.


All these farms met at the corner of Pittsburgh Street and Crowe Avenue, then a  crossroad of the Valencia-Evans City Road and a street which cut from Old Plank Road (Rt. 8) to Perry Highway on the west.

Matthew Parks and Thomas Kennedy built water-powered grist mills on the Breakneck Creek. In 1873, Matthew Park's son Samuel, along with the Honorable Samuel Marshall, established the Mars Post Office.

The Post Office's name is a controversial topic. Some say that Mrs. Parks was a student of astronomy and suggested the name. Others say it was named in honor of Samuel Marshall.Either way, the connotation of outer space stuck.


The library itself was founded in the 1950's by the Women's Club of Mars. The women of the Club used their own books to form a small volunteer public library that evolved into the present Mars Area Public Library.

Pictured here are are people wearing martian costumes used by the British Broadcasting Company in 1976 for the filming of The Vikings Trip to the Planet Mars. The photograph was taken in Mars, Pennsylvania.

Picture of four children dressed as Martians standing in front of a Welcome to Mars sign.
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