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One-Time Programs

Organizing the Calendar

Organizing Life Coach

September 16, 1-2pm | Adults

Erika Maddamma of Sunny Spaces Organizing will visit the Mars Area Public Library to help coach others in the ways in which greater organization can benefit our lives.

Art Supply

Keychain Collection Display

September 17, 4-6:30pm | Teens and Adults

Tired of losing keychains as soon as you arrive home from your trip? Put them on display!

If you don't collect keychains, this display can be used to show off other items!


Raising Organized Children

October 7, 1-2pm | Adults

Erika Maddamma of Sunny Spaces Organizing provides guidance on helping parents to develop their children's organizational skills for a variety of settings.


3D Pumpkin Lanterns

October 15, 4-6:30pm | Teens and Adults

This pumpkin lantern is perfect to celebrate both Halloween and fall! Unlike actual pumpkins, this cardstock version will last all year 'round!

Art Supply


November 4, 1-2pm | Adults

Based on her recently published book, Erika Maddamma of Sunny Spaces Organizing will provide insight on how to pursue your dreams and the life you want to live.

Art Supply

Faux Stained Glass

November 12, 4-6:30pm | Teens and Adults

Have you ever wanted to create a stained glass masterpiece, but have been wary of all the dangerous parts? Come make a faux stained glass work instead! Enjoy all the beauty without any of the danger!

Art Supply

Winter Luminaries with Wax Seals

December 17, 4-6:30pm | Teens and Adults

Create a frosty winter luminary to light up the cold nights! Personalize your luminary with ribbon, twine and a wax stamp with your initial!

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