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Interlibrary Loans

The Access Pennsylvania Catalog and ILL (Interlibrary Loan) System is a coordinated resource-sharing program. Through this program, libraries throughout Pennsylvania share books, eBooks, periodicals, and DVDs, so that you can have access to library's collections all over Pennsylvania. 

Since April 2002, more than 1.9 million items have been loaned to readers all over Pennsylvania.

If you can't find the book or movie you want within your county's libraries, search here! Another Pennsylvania library may have just what you want.

If you have questions about ILL's, please read the FAQs below.

Request an ILL

Once you have found the exact item(s) you want in the Catalog, you can make your request by filling out the paper form here, and bringing the form to the library. Or, you can fill out the online form below.

Thank you for your request!
We'll be in touch with you shortly!

If the item you want is not in our catalog, you may come to the library to request we purchase it, or email Avery at, or fill out this form.

Frequently asked questions

What are ILL's?

ILLs are books loaned between library systems. If a library system such as BCFLS does not have an item available, they can request the item from any library system in the state. This is why if you receive an ILL item it may be from the Carnegie Library System or from the Philadelphia Library.

Where are the ILLs coming from? When will my item arrive?

ILL requests can be filled from anywhere in the state. Because of this items will be sent to MAPL through USPS, which may take a while.

There are no copies of the item I want anywhere! What can I do?

Fill out a book request form! When MAPL receives a book request form we will purchase the item to add to our collection.